More Veronica!

January 12, 2011

She is back. A little older and a lot cuter!

And how do you like the debut of the super cool Drop It Modern back drop. Only the hippest of photographers have one (or more) of these. Now accepting donations for more more MORE!

Ronnie is one of those kids who just seems to know what to do at a photo shoot. She makes it look so easy.

SO, I now have a secret weapon. Giant lollipop. Chances are, if you have a shoot with me, you too will delight in the sweet goodness of a lollipop that is bigger than your child’s face!

I LOVE this shot with all my heart. I can’t stop looking at it!

More lollipop!

Why yes, I do have a picture of a cowgirl in a tutu eating a giant lollipop. Why do you ask?

I always love the look of this white chair. Bought it at an antique store in the town that Veronica’s mom is from, coincidently.

Before they left, I talked the fam into a walk down the dock outside of the studio. This is what I got. A perfect last shot!


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