About Marisa

Marisa (wide shot)I have always wanted to do this!  Photography has long been a passion of mine, a fun hobby and a great way to preserve memories.  But as I had children and became a preschool teacher I began to find that I had a special way of  photographing kids that really caught their spirit.  I don’t believe in telling kids to say cheese. Tell them a funny story or something crazy and I can capture that twinkle in their eye.  I also love catching the every day moments like a yawn or an out of control laugh or a little guy drawing.  Mostly, I just adore children.  And I want to show everyone your child as you know them.  When I do that then I will truly be capturing childhood.

I live in Rhode Island with our three boys, a yellow lab named Dee Dee (short for Dunkin Donuts), and my awesomely talented husband, Dave, who is a documentary filmmaker.  He took this photo of me in our studio which is located in Providence.


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  1. Nice Owen pics. How did you work around that Mullet?

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