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You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby Right ‘Round

November 10, 2011

She’s back! She’s 3! She LOVES the Crescent Park Carousel!

Her mother told me they were there almost everyday over the summer!  I shot these on Columbus Day, the last day the carousel was open this season, a bittersweet day for this little lady.

This is the big sister.  An expert at catching the rings.

This is the oldest carousel in RI, saved from Crescent Park. It’s so beautiful!

How could you not be in love with these two!?


Bring On The Joy!

August 2, 2011

I’m so lucky to be part of an amazing 10 day journey called The Joy Up. It is the brain child of Hannah Marcotti an amazing woman, mother & life coach. Her goal is to help us find ways to bring joy into our lives and while doing so we will welcome sparkle & glamor, too. So today I cleaned a little, played with the boys, watered my thirsty yard then packed up and headed to my secret beach. And I can tell you that all I feel right now is joy!